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Take action and swear to win the Lenovo Honor Defense War!

  As a national enterprise, Keyi wants to correct the name of our same root Lenovo, everyone must understand the truth and act together!



The following article is reproduced in Lenovo Holdings Microspace  

  Lenovo's comrades:


卖国 的帽子扣在联想身上,声音竟然越来越大,致使联想的声誉受到了严重的挑战,这让我非常震惊! In recent days, I noticed from my friend's article that some articles that pointed to Lenovo and used very vicious words suddenly appeared, and even the hat of " selling the country " was put on Lenovo, and the voice became louder and louder. As a result, Lenovo's reputation was severely challenged, which shocked me! 3GPP 会议的联想代表进行了详细的调查。 Since I no longer hold any position in Lenovo Group over the years, and do not understand the whole story, I conducted a detailed investigation with Yuan Qing and many Lenovo Group executives, including Lenovo representatives who participated in the 3GPP conference at the time . I, Yuan Qing and President of Lenovo Holdings Zhu Linan believe that we need to explain the actual situation and investigation results to all Lenovo employees.


2016 年关于 5G 信道编码标准方案投票的事情。 This is what happened in 2016 about the 5G channel coding standard scheme voting. Throughout the voting process, representatives of Lenovo Group followed two principles: one is basic and it is necessary to protect the interests of their own companies; the other is to pay more attention to the overall situation. What is the big picture? The overall situation is the overall interest of national and industry development.


3rd Generation Partnership Project )是全球影响最大的通讯标准化机构,主要协调各组织形成通讯领域的标准制定,这是一个非常专业化的学术组织,会议都是纯技术领域的讨论。 The 3GPP ( 3rd Generation Partnership Project ) is the world's most influential communications standardization organization. It mainly coordinates the organization to form standards in the communications field. This is a very professional academic organization. The conferences are all discussions in the pure technical field. 3GPP 组织的 5G eMBB 方案第一轮( RAN1#86bis )投票的时候,联想集团基于自身前期技术和专利储备,选择了 LDPC 技术方案。 During the first round of voting on the 5G eMBB solution ( RAN1 # 86bis ) organized by the 3GPP , Lenovo Group selected the LDPC technology solution based on its own prior technology and patent reserves . RAN1#87 )投票时,我们综合考虑国家整体产业合作、创新与发展,坚决选择了联想之前没有太多技术积累的 Polar 码方案。 In the second round of voting ( RAN1 # 87 ), we comprehensively considered the country's overall industrial cooperation, innovation and development, and resolutely chose the Polar code scheme that Lenovo did not have much technical accumulation before . Throughout the process, I personally think that Lenovo's voting principle is no problem and its implementation is no problem!


5G 标准的投票过程中的做法没有任何问题,并对联想对华为的支持表示感谢。 In order to verify this conclusion, I specifically talked with Mr. Ren Zhengfei of Huawei. Mr. Ren told me that Lenovo did not have any problems in the 5G standard voting process and thanked Lenovo for its support for Huawei. We all agree that Chinese enterprises should be united and not be provoked by outsiders.


An event in the technical field, which happened almost two years later, was suddenly turned out and stigmatized as a traitorous act and kept fermenting. Is this an accident? Or is it used? All kinds of abnormal phenomena can not help but make people think deeply.


Because all Lenovo people know how hard it is for Lenovo's brand to come!


年,一群完全不懂市场的科研人员,怀揣产业报国的梦想,艰难地开始了国产 PC 品牌的创业之路。 In 1984 , a group of scientific researchers who did not understand the market, carrying the dream of serving the country with industry, began the entrepreneurial road of domestic PC brands. For generations of Lenovo people, the wind and the waves were all the way, and they paid for their youth. There was sweat, tears, and even blood. It was so hard to rush forward. Only today Lenovo has the national brand. This is all Lenovo employees. The crystallization of decades of hard work!


世纪 90 年代初的中国完全没有自己的计算机产业,面对大批外国企业的大举进攻,如同一个小舢板一样的联想甘冒风险,跟这些庞然大物一较高下,用代理国外产品赚的钱,贴进去来坚持国产计算机的研发,坚决举起民族工业的大旗,最终击溃国际巨头。 In the early 1990s , China did not have its own computer industry at all. In the face of a large number of foreign companies' aggressive attacks, Lenovo took the risk like a small sampan, compared with these behemoths, and used the money made by agency foreign products. , Posted it, insisted on the research and development of domestic computers, resolutely raised the banner of national industry, and eventually defeated the international giants. Only in this way can domestic-made computers enter millions of households and industries, and only then can China's information industry develop! It has also become a solid foundation for the great development of China's Internet and mobile Internet today!


年联想并购 IBM 全球 PC 业务,外界在鼓励我们勇气的同时,对并购的结果都不看好。 In 2004 , Lenovo acquired IBM 's global PC business. While the outside world encouraged us to be courageous, it was not optimistic about the results of the merger. But we just did it! China needs more companies to grow and stand in the forest of nations in the world. 2013 年,联想集团个人电脑市场份额成为全球第一,为中国企业争了光! After several twists and turns, life and death are competing. In 2013 , Lenovo's personal computer market share became the world's number one, winning glory for Chinese companies!


This is the gene of Lenovo. It has never changed after suffering. For what? It's not just business, because in our hearts, having the faith to fight for honor is our greatest support!


160 多个国家和地区,充分说明了只有民族的才是世界的。 For more than three decades, Lenovo and China have shared the same destiny with the development of China. For more than three decades, Lenovo has set out from China to the world, made a national brand into a global brand, and provided technology and services to more than 160 worldwide. Countries and regions fully demonstrate that only nations are the world.


The history of Lenovo deserves to be a microcosm of China's national computer industry from scratch, from weak to strong, and from China to the world. All Lenovo people will remember history and pass on their beliefs. How can facts be distorted! How can Lenovo's honor be trampled!


All colleagues of Lenovo Group, we are facing severe challenges today. If we make a mistake, we must face the reality with a very humble and open attitude and find a solution to the problem. 30 多年的成长过程中,一路跋山涉水,经历九死一生,我们靠的就是团结一心,众志成城。 During the growth of Lenovo for more than 30 years, we have traversed mountains and rivers. After nine lives, we rely on unity and unity. 卖国 的帽子,如纯属巧合也就罢了,若是有意为之,试图冲击我们的军心,打垮我们的士气,践踏联想人的尊严,打击一个民族品牌的骄傲,我们所有的人,都绝不能、也绝不会有半分容忍! Today, we cannot allow someone to pour dirty water on us, or even wear a hat of " treason " , if it is purely coincidental. If it is intentional, try to impact our military hearts, destroy our morale, and trample on the dignity of Lenovo. To combat the pride of a national brand, all of us will never, and will never have half tolerance!


Brothers and sisters, it is time for us to come forward and stand up. If tens of thousands of employees can't protect their righteousness, what other business do we run? Lenovo's cadres must take action actively, and all colleagues must actively contribute their ideas and suggestions, and be united with the enemy and swear to win the Lenovo Honor Defense War!


Chairman of Lenovo Holdings and founder of Lenovo Group    Liu Chuanzhi


CEO 杨元庆 Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group

President of Legend Holdings    Zhu Linan


May 16, 2018






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