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Why Sleep Style Matters When Choosing a Mattress

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep in order to stay healthy, and mattresses make all the difference. The problem is that sleeping styles vary widely from person to person. Individuals may lie on their stomachs, sides, backs or combine all three positions. Fortunately, quality mattress manufacturers offer a variety of products, making it easy for customers to find those that match their styles. The keys are mattress details like firmness levels and quality of construction.

Choosing Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Those who sleep on their backs often enjoy the best spinal health, but bad mattresses can reverse any benefits. Worn out or poorly made mattresses cause back pain because they do not support the spine. The best solution is a quality medium firm mattress that protects the spinal cord’s delicate balance. Manufacturers generally offer comfort guarantees, so buyers can return mattresses that do not fit their needs. Companies like Leesa, Loom and Leaf and Novosbed sell models that are excellent for back sleepers.

Choosing Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need softer mattresses. During sleep their bodies are subject to injuries, pressure points and back pain. Their hips, shoulders and knees come in direct contact with the mattress, which should be soft enough to cradle the sides of the body. Latex foam mattresses offer the needed support and circulate air better than some other styles. They also keep their shape and are durable. Companies like Amerisleep, Helix Sleep, Brooklyn Bedding and Tuft & Needle offer well built memory foam mattresses.

Choosing Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

People who sleep on their stomachs need especially supportive mattresses. Their sleeping posture does not keep their spines aligned, putting them at risk for back problems. Despite the fact that many people sleep on their stomachs to get relief from back pain, the position can make issues worse. Fortunately, well made firm mattresses and body pillows help. Memory foam body pillows placed correctly will relieve back pressure. High grade mattresses sold by companies like Loom & Leaf, Purple and Amerisleep are designed to protect the spine and pressure points.

The right mattress is the key to getting restorative sleep and there are models to match every sleeping style. Industry-leading suppliers offer soft, medium-firm and firm mattresses that are ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers.